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Siding serves as an exterior layer that protects your house from weather damage. High-quality siding also provides a decorative accent to your home’s exterior, elevating its curb appeal. The right siding coordinates with other exterior elements, like brick and stone, adding interest to your home’s design. Because of its weatherproofing and decorative properties, it’s important to keep your siding in top condition. Unfortunately, high winds, hail and even heavy rains can damage your siding. You might notice dents, cracks, holes or chips in the siding in time. In extreme cases, a panel of siding can even come loose or fall off. When signs of siding damage occur, you’ll likely need siding repair or siding replacement.  

Not all siding is created equal, and some may last longer than others. Damage from the elements (excessive heat and moisture) as well as wildlife can leave siding loose and faded. Warning signs, like bubbling, blistering or dry rotting, mean that it’s time to consider siding replacement.

Siding has many important benefits. It protects your home from harmful elements like rain, wind and cold. Siding also adds warmth and beauty to the exterior of your home, keeping it looking fresh and maintained. When installed correctly, siding will also reduce overall home maintenance and can lower your energy bills by keeping your air conditioning/heat properly sealed.

Siding installation cost depends on several different factors. Your project specialist can help you decide on the style and material that best suit your needs. The exact cost for your project will depend on the size and specifics of your installation.

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